Teo Okropiridze


“I was born and raised in Georgia. I have been living in the USA for almost twenty years, where I successfully continue my creative work. I am exhibited in the US and other countries, I regularly participate in exhibitions and international biennials. I run the Virginia Art Studio. I also teach tapestry at the Smithsonian Museum School of Art (Washington, DC), at the Art League School (Alexandria, USA) and at the US Center for the Arts (Chantilly, USA).”


"Composition", 50x65 cm, silk, 2020

"Your Perception", 55x43 cm, silk, 2020

"Landscape", 51x56 cm, silk, 2020

"Wandering", 51x41 cm, silk, 2020

"Red Carpet", 51x41 cm, silk, 2020

Professional education / experience

I. Nikoladze Art School, Faculty of Sculpture; State University of Culture, Faculty of Artistic Knitting / Tapestry.