Applying for a photo exhibition

Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to join. Applicants may send works in any genre. (mandatory 3 photos).

Submitted photographs must meet the following requirements:

Photos must not contain advertising, text captions, or graphic elements that are not original in the composition. Photos containing text will be immediately disqualified.

A photographer who wishes to join must submit original work and own the copyright to it, or obtain permission from the copyright holder to enter their photos in the competition.

  • 2400 pixels on the large side
  • Format: jpeg 10
  • Linked sRGB profile or Adobe 1998


Personal Info
Detailed Info

If you do not have a social network, leave this section unfilled.

To participate in the exhibition, you must upload at least 3 (three) works. All works must have a description of what was the source of inspiration, emotion, search object if any (up to 600 characters). Submitted works must be in your possession.