Irma Prangishvili


“During my student life I loved painting, sculpting, and handicrafts. Then, I was captivated by the collages. Later – by felt. I made clothes from wool, various accessories, and I worked on painting. After visiting the doll exhibition, I also became interested in soft dolls, which made my art more interesting and enjoyable. You could say the dolls are a reflection of my soul. They bring a lot of positivity, warmth and love to art lovers and fill me with immense happiness.”


African Woman, 70 cm, polymer clay, fabric, accessories, 2021

Pain of the Soul (because of kovid), 45 cm, polymer clay, fabric, wool, 2021

Father, 60 cm, polymer clay, fabric, wool, wood, 2020

Black Sea and Georgia, 80 cm, polymer clay, fabric, lace, artificial plants, shells, paper, 2020

Nene, 55 cm, polymer clay, fabric, wool, 2020

Professional education / experience

Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Secondary – Faculty of Design